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Our philosophy when conducting detection work at rehabilitation centers

1. When there’s a suspicion of a narcotics crime we do not conduct any directed searches, but instead recommend the center to contact local police.

2. We work preventive only. The dog is seen as a tool and if it indicates during a search, our experienced staff investigate what the dog indicated. We have the knowledge and equipment to verify any kind of narcotics. We are not obliged to report to local police but leave this decision to the rehabilitation center. However, we do recommend that any trace of narcotics be reported immediately.

3. We do not aim any search directly at a person.

4. We sign documents of secrecy at every rehabilitation center where we work, and also leave excerpts from police registers regarding our staff.

5. We always show respect and integrity towards clients and staff at the rehabilitation centers, and also respect the client’s personal situation. We are professional and clear but humble as well. 

6. Our staff has long experience and the dogs are trained to search for narcotics, weapons, pyrotechnics and explosives.

Creative Security Detection Dogs

Today we have six detection teams and are able to cover most of Sweden for searches.

The websites K9narc.se and narkotikahund.se are part of the security company Kreativ Säkerhet Specialsökhundar (Creative Security Detection Dogs). The company has existed since 2001 and used to work with patrolmen and security guards. Since 2008 our business is detection dogs and training of dogs and handlers. We constantly work with rehabilitation centers and help out with visitations and security checkpoints. Today we have dogs trained to search for narcotics, weapons, explosives and pyrotechnics.

Creative SecurityTraining

We train K9 teams in detecting: Narcotics,

Weapons, Explosives and Pyrotechnics.

You can either take a preparatory course during a weekend or go through a complete education for forty to fifty days. During the training we practice in real-life environments. In order to take the course you must show a clean excerpt from police registers and have a dog with good obedience.

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